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Ulla and Susu at Haastaja 2004

We are aming for:

- healthy cockers
- cockers with working abilities
- cockers able to please
- cockers with great caracters
=> the real cocker 

We currently breed working  cockers. We have started with solids show cockers, but at the moment we don't have any plans for show cockers due to not having bitches to breed from.

Juha and Eddie

I and my husband Juha share the interest for hunting. We have one doughter, Sonja.
All our dogs have been trained to hunt and are or have been hunting dogs. Our dogs are family dogs and lives with us or our friends. We don't want to keep so many dogs that we need to hava a kennel. We trial them and I sometimes show our show bred dogs.



Some History

My life with cockers began on one cold winter day in February 1975. I was born to a family which already had a red cocker bitch: Rowanhill Avilla. She had puppies at that moment, so she and my mother could both enjoy the joy of motherhood. So the cocker madness has been inherited. My grandmother had also a black bitch, Rowanhill Ofelia, Lulu. Our entire family was filled with Rowanhills because my grandaunt and uncle was breeding cockers at that time. From there I have picked my idea of breeding.


The first important cocker to me was Rowanhill Kismet, a beautiful tricolor bitch. Everybody thought that she was not quite wise. But we who owned her knew that behind that very perky action was a very clever girl.


Then there were a couple of years without dogs. For a short period visited us a little mixed breed (golden retriever-hovawart) girl, Fani. Unfortunately she had very bad hips and had to put to sleep on the age of half year. The sorrow was enormous.


A year after Fani we bought a lovely orange roan girl,Herbfield's Marjoram, Rilla, our big diva. Unfortunately she has a blue eye, so she is not a show dog or a brood bitch. In the 1999 I bought  for shows and probably for breeding a wonderful redhead named Merazure Ocean and Sky, Nana. Somewhere around here I managed to get a "kennelboy", Juha. He takes part in almost everything: from labour to taking dogs out. Because I am sometimes away, I can leave dogs to "daddy" and everything goes excellent. Thanks to Juha, that I can have dogs as a hobby!


After breeders coursers I applied for  prefix and got it in the summer or 2001. The name of Ladysplits  comes from our summer place, Emäntäniemi. It is the paradise of our dogs and thats why I thought it would suit for a prefix. But it did not come that easy to English. After a long wondering it came: Ladysplits . (It is not quite right, but close enough.)


On the summer of  2001 was our first litter born from Nanas and Claramand For Sures spring love. Five adorable  black puppies, two girls and three boys. All was healthy and beautiful. I kept a very promising bitch, Ladysplit's Angelic, Tuisku. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with melanoma (cancer) at the age of 1.5 years. After half an year battle she was put to sleep 8.6 just before her second birthday. I miss her so much!


In February 2002 I was chosen on the Finnish Cocker Clubs board. I am very interested and exited. My main intrests are shows and field trials. 

In May 2004 I bought a working cocker Meryl Sweet Kelly "Tara" with my friend Nina Menna and was immediately hocked. And in December 2004 we got another one "Anni", Whaupley Anniken, our first import from England.