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"The Cocker Spaniel, Springers are Spaniels, but Cockers are all little people, so many different little characters. The Cocker Spaniel as a breed is so unpredictable, a genie, a will o the wisp, difficult to pin down to reality, but such a rewarding little person, just as you are feeling exasperated with some aspect of their work, they will do some remarkable thing that will leave you smiling and shaking your head in amazement!

The Cocker, more than any other Spaniel, has the ability and character to lift your spirits if you are not feeling on cloud nine. Pound for pound they are more tenacious that others, Cockers have great stamina and seem able to work well even in warmer weather.

Lovely companions and great little workers.

-Edward Martin, Sealpin kennels"

Cocker spaniel is an old spaniel breed from Britain. It is a hunting dog mainly used for flushing birds and canins. It is also a breed which can be used as a retriever. It is small dog, but has a lot of selfconfidence to carry even hares (or at least try to).
Now a days it is mainly used as pet, but you can still find good working dogs among them.
Be aware when concidering to get a cocker that it a very active breed and needs a lot of excersice and also training. It is a breed with great potential.
A true cocker is sweet natured, loving, is eager to please, highly intelligent, fast learning and fun having dog.

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