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Ladyplit's arkisto

News 2007

9.9.2007 Lot's have been happening:
18.8 Ladyplit's Bianca mental test 128 points
19.8 Ladysplit's Connor and Cailin qualified on
24.8 L. Connor A/A hips
9.9 Meryl Sweet Kelly field trial OPEN2 94 points

29.7.2007 Bella got OPEN2 from tracking trial. Well done!

2.7.2007 Bella got A-hips! And Anni has clear eyes. Anni has been mated 1.7.

7.6.2007 Bella (L. Cailin) has had her hips x-rayed and they seems to be ok. We are waiting to A or B hips. She also had her hearing tested by BAER-test. She hears well with both ears.

The Kelt-litter (C-litter) had their 1st birthday yesterday. I wish the owners have had lovely time with their yougsters.

10.5.2007 Our daughter was born 6.5.2007. Both morher and daughter are fine and recovering from the birth.

Whaupley Anniken got her FN-test result: Normal.

6.3.2007 L. Basil aka Osku has A/A hips!!

7.2.2007 Great news, all Susus puppies have their hisp done and all of them are clear. L. Basil was the last one and he has now an unofficial status of beeing A/B. Still waiting for the official result. I'm so happy about it. His eyes was clear also!

We were in Turku International dog show with Nikki (L. Bianca) and Bella (L. Cailin): Nikki got VG and Bella was second in puppy class.

10.11.2006 L. Bernard aka Väinö got his official hipstatus: B. He is also eyetested clear.

29.10.2006 Tara got yesterday a AVO2 (open class second prize) in Elimäki pheasant trial. She was the best dog also.

Väinö (L. Bernard) Susus and Travis Vital Sparks son has clear eyes and probably C-hips. It is not official jet.

28.9.2006 Lots have happened. Bambi and Nikki got their HD results: B and A.

Tara got AVO3 in Laitila SPME pheasant trial. She went after a black grouse flock. Without it it could have been a strong second prize... Susu did not prove: AVO- due to failing retrieving. Everything can happen with her...

28.8.2006 L. Bianca ja L. Bambi got their Optigen-results: Both girls are carriers. It was no suprise for me.

16.8.2006 Nikki and Bambi got their hips x-rayed.



Helena and Nikki

5.8.2006 Ladysplit's Bianca qualified on field and got the memorialprice of capt. Edmund Natunen. She was the best dog of the day.

I, Tara and Susu got ready for the field trial season today: Tara got full points and Susu got two from watertest!

8-11.6.2006 Country Fair at Riihimäki. We were there with Susu, Tara and Anni.

6.6.2006 We have puppies! 4+1 blacks!

4.6.2006 Susu and Nikki got very goods and Bambi a good at Kellokoski speciality show.

31.5.2006 Susu got -12 from carracter test and Tara 102. It was a very interesting day!

17.4.2006 Susu got her second CAC from Lappeenranta International dogshow. The judge was John S. Rowles, Australia.

Susu Critics

6.4.2006 Nana has been mated with Leading-Light Banga-Boomerang. More about it on the puppy-page.

29.3.2006 We have bought a house from Hyvinkää! We are due to move latest at midsummer! At last the dogs get enough room both inside and outside.

16.3.2006 Optigen results:
Susu (Margate Bethany Mae) Carrier
Anni (Whaupley Anniken) Normal/Clear

26.2.2006 Bambi and Nikki was at puppy show. They was not placed, but I was pleased with them.

10.1.2006 Welcome to Finland Stawaskogens Axa! I was today in Sweden for picking up a lovely golden working cocker. She has already moved to her new home and I wish them luck with her. She is absolutely adorable and works also nicely.

See Axas picture

9.1.2006 I just trimmed Nikki and found a pretty little cocker under the pile of hair... She is just adorable and behaves so nicely att trimmingtable. Added new pictures of her.

6.1.2006 Bambi is visiting us and we are so pleased with her. She is such an adorable girl. See new pictures of her at her page.

Tara placed second in the Year 2005 Hunting Cocker competiton!

Year 2005

26.12 With girls at the pheasantfarm. Susu is an excellent gamefinder, flusher and she finds the shooten game well. I hope she will be a better retriever. Then she would be a fine hunting dog. Taras retrieving is getteing better with warm game. When she gets more experience she will be fine. Anni has a very nice questing pattern and I think she will be a fine dog when she matures. Nana was with us also, but she did not hunt. She just had fun.

6.12.2005 At the finnish Independency Day we had a puppy meeting for Susus puppies. They have all grown nicely and the owners seems to be happy about them. I'm pleased with them, but would like the girls to be more quiet. I hope to add a good picture about them as soon I get one. Our camera went broken and took only two pictures....

26.11.2005 We were at Elimäki at a training field trial with Anni och Susu. Girls went just fine. They quest nicely, find birds easily and flush them with drive. I'm proud of them especially of Anni. From here it is a pleasure to continue and concentrate on retrieving the game.

18.11.2005 Annis official hip status has arrived: A. We are so happy about it.

2.11.2005 Anni has been x-rayed for the hips and they seem to be fine. Now we are waiting for the official results from the Finnish Kennel Club.

23.10.2005 Tara got open class 3 with 79 points and Susu got open class 0 with 71. The "runner" was too much for her to day.

15.10 Tara was placed third at the young dogs field trial. Her litter brother was first. They did very nice job.

8.10.2005 I was with Tara att field trials. She went nice until she left the retrieve 2 meters before me. After all I was pleased with her and I think it was me myself who ruined the result: I was too keen for the retrieve...

29.9.2005 Three of the puppies has gone to their new homes. I wish them luck and lots of love to their future.

19.9 We came yesterday home from Taivalkoski and Hossa. We were hunting there. Tara got several birds and Anni got one red grouse up with was not shooted.

3.9.2005 Tara was on her first field trial (waterbirds). They did not find any game so the result was open class - with 43 points. What we are proud of is the points of obedience and co-operation: 4 points out of 5.

2.9.2005 Susus final HD- result arrived D. What a disapointment. Well we must carry on anyway...

27.8.2005 Still waiting for the final result of Susus hips. Hopefully it will arrive soon.

21.8.2005 The puppies are just fine and started to eat meat. All the eyes are open and they are standing on their feets.

8.8.2005 The puppies are born at 5.8, but unfortunately we have missed two boys. I hope the 4 that are left will survive. They are gaining weight so lets keep the tumphs up!

31.7.2005 We were at the Spaniel Camp with Nana, Tara and Anni. A great weekend with lots of activity. Tara is now qualified on field.

Taras resultpage

23.7.2005 Susu has become very wide. She has still two weeks to go. She just wants to cuddle. And what she loves even att this stage of pregnancy is retreiving. It is amazing, because she did not retrive anything last winter. I'm so proud of her.

Anni has finally realised that it is worth to bring dummies to me rather than gallop around the garden with them. I think that she had learnt this earlier if I didn't stress about it so much. She has a natural instinct to carry things.

Anni and Tara has been doing water retrieving. These sisters are so different. Anni jumps into the water and takes the retrieve fast in her mouth. Tara goes slowlier in to the water swims calmer and takes with a very gentle grip the retrieve in her mouth.

18.6.2005 We have been on a training in Sweden with our working cockers. It was held by Andrew Robinson, UK. A very nice day and we got a lot of ideas.

10.6.2005. What a disapointment! Susu has C/D hips. We are going to evaluate for a second time 18/8.

5.6.2005 Susu has been mated with Travis Vital Spark. See the puppupage.

28.5.2005 Susu, Tara and anni had their eyes examined. All clear! Anni had the days clearest eyes (30 cockers).

24.5. Susu had her hips x-rayed. Hopefully she will get B. The vet said it is a B/C.

22.5.2005 We got Taras HD-results from the Finnish Kennel Club: E/D as we expected.

20-21.5.2005 We were with Susu, Tara and Anni at a hunting trainig in Kiiminki. We had a very lovely weekend and I'm proud of my girls, especially of Tara. She did retrieve her first canin.

14.5.2005 Susu was at show in Lohja and got R-CAC. The second CAC keeps us waiting. Thank you Marjut for handling her while I had other engagements. Anni was with me at hunting training to day. I had an interesting day with my trainig group.

5.3.2005 We were with Susu at a show in Valkeala. She did well and got BB2 and a R-CAC. The judge Paavo Mattila gave also a very beautiful critic about her.

Today I have at last done our webbsite also in finnish.

11.12.2004 Welcome our little Anni (Whaupley Anniken). Our second working cocker has arrived. Thank You, Maria and Andy, from letting us have her! She is truly sweet.

Whaupley Anniken

11.11.2004 We have lost our beloved Rilla today. She will be missed by Helena and Sami and all us who loved her.

8.11.2004 Taras sire Mankenbrock Spirit "Arry" has made his championship and is now SJ(j)CH. Congratulations! And another good news: There is coming a new puppy for us, but more about that later.

23.10.2004 We were at Haastaja 2004 (Challenger 2004) with Susu. It is field trial for young dogs, in this case 2003 born. We did not get to the final, but I'm very pleased with her work. Read her critic from her page.

16.10.2004 Today was the Finnish Spaniel Associations 40 years anniversary show at Hyvinkää. There was over 100 cockers and over 600 dogs. Susu got an excellent and was 3rd i her class (under 24 months olds). The judge Kieth Costello from kennel Judika, UK, thought she wa a very pleasing bitch..

9.10.2004 I have added hip indexes to Nanas and Jemis pages. I'm very pleased with them.

24.8.2004 Tara has been Optigen tested and found to be A1. Free from PRA! Is she the first working bred tested?

21.8.2004 Susu has passed her working test under the judge Riitta Vilkman and she is now qualified on field. The test went as I expected, and I'm satisfied, but we need to work on her retrieving. The finnish working test contains the social behavior, the questing and a shot, tracking, waterwork (incl. retrieving), obedience and co-working and general impression on the dog and it's handler. Tara in the other hand has been for the first time on the duck hunting to be accustomed in hunting situation. She did settle well in shooting. Everything went well, but no game was shot to bring home.

6-8.8.2004 We had a great weekend in Kuopio Sawo Show. There were three different shows and our Susu did so well. She got an excellent on friday and was the Best Bitch 4. She also was in her breeders group and we was BIS 4! On saturday she got an excellent and was BB 2 and got her first CAC! Good girl! On sunday she got an excellent 1/2. Thank you Marjut for handling her and also Taava, Kirsi and Mikko for this lovely weekend!

15-18.7.2004 I was with my three girls at Finlands Spaniel Associations 40 years anniversary camp at Virrat. We had a lot of fun there. Susu took part in obedience training and hunting training (quartering, retrieving etc.). Tara was with hunting training, but only basics due to her age. Nana did some tracking and was excellent in it. I hope I can manage to get extra time to tracking trials. I do have wonderful girls!

12.6.2004 Susu got an excellent on our club show in Kellokoski, and the judge was Sue Tellford, UK

16.5.2004 Susu got an excellent and was second in her class on a show held in Mynämäki

9.5.2004 We were with Susu and Tara on our clubs hunting training. Susu did quite well, but she did feel it was too hot weather. Tara was a success and we did some trainig with birdwings.

24.4.2004 Welcome our new puppy Meryl Sweet Kelly "Tara"

16.3.2004 Unfortunately we did not get any puppies...

13.1.2004 Jemi has been mated. Check puppypage!

4.1.2004 Jemi has A hips!

2.1.2004 Jemi has started her season. We'll mate her soon. I'm looking forward to it!

2.12.2003 Wonderful news: We had Nana (Merazure Ocean and Sky) and her daughter Jemi (Ladysplit's Adorable) eye-tested. Both girls had clear eyes. Jemi also had her hips checked: A!!! (It is not official yet, but the picture was beautiful.) So now we can start planning puppies from Jemi! More about that later...